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Lebanese cafe in Siliguri / Coffee shop in Siliguri

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Lebanese food in Siliguri
Coffee shop
Non veg restaurant
Continental cafe


Rated 1# Best coffee shop in Siliguri / Best Lebanese food in Siliguri

Cafe Menu


Mocha Hazelnut Frappe
(blend of hazelnut, coffee & chocolate topped with fresh cream)

Caramel Frappe
(Smooth mix of caramel, coffee, cream drizzled with caramel sauce)

Iced Caramel Macchiato
(mix of caramel,vanilla & espresso served on the rocks)

Hazelnut Frappe
(Strong essence of hazelnut & espresso topped with whipped cream)

Choco Chip Frappe
(choco chip, milk, espresso, topped with whipped cream)

Mocha Cookie Crunch
(Rich mocha sauce, vanilla syrup blended with choco chips)

Iced Chocolate Macchiato
(chocolate macchiato served on the rocks)

Vanilla Frappe*
(classic frappe with vanilla syrup)

Ice Cappuccino on the Rocks*
(classic cappuccino serve on the rocks with added foam)

Oreo shake
(mix of oreo cookie, chocolate ice cream and coffee)

Tripple 6
(creamy layer of espresso, ice cream, choco sauce and whipped cream)

Blue & White
(magic combination of blueberry and whipped cream)

Alphonso Blast
(combination of mango, pineapple and soda topped with whip cream

Choco Frappe**
(classic frappe with chocolate flavour)

Classic Frappe*
(age old simple cold coffee)

Hot Beverages

Regular Grande
Espresso with steam milk on top with a layer of microfoam)

(Espresso with steam milk on top with a layer of microfoam)

Mocha Hazelnut
bittersweet chocolate with the flavour of hazelnut topped with whipped cream)

Mocha Caramel
bittersweet chocolate with the flavour of caramel topped with whipped cream)

Mocha Cookie Crunch
(Rich mocha sauce, with vanilla syrup & coffee, topped with chocolaty whipped cream and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles.)

***Caramel Machiato
(Machiato drizzled with caramel sauce on top)

***Choco Machiato
(Vanilla flavoured machiato drizzled with chocolate sauce on top)

*Flat White
(steam milk with extra dose of espresso)

***Cafe Mocha
(the age old magical blend of chocolate and coffee)

(classic rich black coffee)

***Black Irish Coffee
(mocktail of Americano with essence of Irish whiskey)

***White Irish Coffee
(layer of Irish syrup, milk and espresso)

***White Tiramisu Coffee
(layer of tiramisu syrup, milk and espresso)

***Espresso Shot

Babycorn wings
BBQ sauce/hot garlic

French Fries
tossed in classic white salt, spicy herbs & spices

Tuscan (Potato Wedges)
a simple, flavorful and healthy side dish

Mushroom Friti (6pc)
mushrooms lightly fried in fresh oil, parmesan cheese stuffed in for meaty and juicy bites

Cheese ball (6pc)
crispy fried delicious cheesy balls

Mozzarella in Coroza
crispy fried delicious mozzarella cheesy balls

Russian Salad
minced boiled potato, carrots, peas, roast red pepper strips, and mayonnaise

Bruschetta Platter
grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil cheese and veggies

Cheese Chilly Toast
grilled white bread topped with cheese and chilly

Cheese Garlic Bread
grilled garlic bread topped with cheese and chilli

Spring Roll (Veg/Paneer)
 thin wrap that is filled with minced vegetables/paneer

Chicken Nuggets 6pc
fresh hand made nuggets

Plain & Simple, Masala or Cheese

Chicken Tenders 6pc
chicken supreme marinated in harisha sauce and grilled

Chicken Wings 8pc
batter fried chicken tossed in BBQ sauce/hot garlic

Jalapeno chicken bites
fillet chicken stuffed jalapeno, cheese & spices

Asian Chicken Sesame Salad
boiled chicken trio bell pepper & onion marinated in tangy sauce

Fish Diavola
deep fried fish marinated with herbs & mustard sauce

Fish Orlay
batter fried fish

Spring Roll Chicken
 thin wrap that is filled with  chicken

Veg Manchurian*
fried veg cooked in a spicy sauce

Chilli Chicken*
deep fried chicken tossed in soy sauce

Chilli Fish*
deep fried fish tossed in soya sauce

Manchurian Chicken*
fried chicken cooked in authentic Chinese spicy sauce

Manchurian Fish*
fried fish cooked in authentic Chinese spicy sauce

Cilantro Chicken*
deep fried chicken tossed in chilly cilantro sauce

Oriental Baby Potato*
fresh fried baby potato tossed in oyster sauce

Paneer Chilli*
deep fried paneer tossed in soya sauce

Pasta (Veg/ Non Veg)

chop of bell pepper with white sauce

Penne Alfungi
pasta with mushroom and white sauce

hot and spicy of tomato with olives

Penne Bolognese (NV)
sauce of chicken cooked in red wine & tomato sauce

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
extra virgin olive oil with garlic black olives and capers

penne & spaghetti with mixed sauce

hand made pasta stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese

 Bolognise (Meat Sauce) NV
Creamy Sauce (V)

Baked Delights (veg/non veg)

Creamy Su Gratin
oven baked veggies in creamy cheese sauce

Penne Al Forno
oven baked penne pasta in white sauce

Crumb Fried CH Sandwich
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
ENGLISH fried fish sandwich
Lunch Box Sandwich (veg)
Green Sandwich (Veg)
Club Sandwich (Veg)

main course

Chicken Stroganoff
butter rice with chicken in white sauce

Chicken in Parsley
fillet chicken in parsley sauce

Mexican Rice with Chicken in sauce
spicy rice served with chicken cooked in creamy sauce

Peri Peri Paneer with choice of Pasta
grilled paneer marinated with hand made peri peri sauce

Veg Milanese With Choice of Pasta
paneer cooked in milk cream & tomato

Ch. Milanese With Choice Of Pasta
chicken cooked with cream, milk tomato & spices

Mexican Rice With Cilantro Sauce
spicy rice served with cilantro sauce

Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce
marinated fish grilled served with lemon butter sauce

Lebanese meal (non veg)

Rice : (Muja Dara  / Rice Vermicelli  / Herb & Nut Rice)
Ch. Shawarma tossed in Lebanese spices
SaSalad: Fattoush salad

Lebanese meal (veg)
Rice: Muja Dara / Rice Vermicelli  / Herb & Nut Rice
Paneer tossed in Lebanese Spices
Salad: Fattoush salad

Lebanese (veg)

Veg Shawarma Wrap
authentic veg shawarma wrapped in tortilla bread

Paneer Souvlaki
grilled and served with Tzatziki sauce

Humus with Fawal Balls
hamus stuffed in soya balls

Lebanese Spiced Potato (veg)
potato wedges tossed in Lebanese spices

Lebanese Spiced Paneer (veg)
grilled paneer tossed in Lebanese spices

deep fried chickpeas served with Tahini dip

Lebanese (non veg)

Chicken Shawarma wrap
authentic chicken shawarma wrapped in Tortila bread

Humus with Jack wraps
humus wrapped in chicken

Chicken Tatzaki
kebab dripped with tzatziki sauce

Lebanese Spiced Chicken
spicy sauté chicken

Lebanese Chicken Salad
grilled chicken loaded with veggies

Momo (steam / fried)

Veg momo
Chicken momo
Schezwan veg
Ch. Schezwan Momo

Momos tossed in hot garlic sauce
Tossed in schezwan sauce
Momos baked in schezwan sauce / hot garlic sauce

Blueberry mousse / Coconut mousse / Chocolate mousse / Sizzling Brownie With Ice Cream / Darshan with Ice Cream / Pan Cake with Ice Cream / Bread Pudding

Veg manchow
Veg hot & sour
Veg sweet corn
Cream of tomato
Veg minestrone
Cream of fungi
Chicken manchow soup
Chicken hot & sour soup
Chicken sweet corn soup
Chicken Lung fung soup
Cream of chicken soup
Chicken minestrone
Chicken broth

Chicken schezwan fried rice
Chicken fried rice
Chicken manchow rice
 Chilli garlic chicken fried rice
Veg schezwan fried rice
Veg fried rice
Veg manchow rice
Chilli garlic fried rice


  The Planet Mall, 1st flr., Sevoke road,
opp. North city, Siliguri-734001, WB

+91  9733250863 / 9832799712

Contact: Arindam Chowdhury | Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Area of shop:
No. of employees:
GST no: AF
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11:00AM - 11:00PM

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